July 17, 2018 — Batavia, New York — Medical Conservation Device, a subsidiary of First Wave Technologies, Inc. (“First Wave” and “company”), announces that the company has engaged the consulting services of Ken Rutt, a senior level mechanical engineer and project engineer with over 45 years experience with medical device design, development, and marketing.  Previously, Mr. Rutt held senior engineering positions for a variety of globally recognized medical device companies including: Oricare, Draeger, i-CAT, and Allied Health Care.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Geneva College.

In his new role, Mr. Rutt will be leveraging his engineering and design expertise with First Wave’s CLARITY-IA respirator, overseeing the final stages of development and working to ensure that CLARITY-IA meets the safety and manufacturing standards required to meet FDA, cGMP, and IEC 6061 approvals.

CLARITY-IA is an innovative, next-generation anesthesia system that can transform any existing ventilator into a full-service anesthesia machine. Moreover, the system’s self-regulation technology allows for real-time adaption to a patient’s changing condition and dosing needs. The system’s portable and scalable design can be configured to treat up to eight (8) patients simultaneously.

“Mr. Rutt brings a wealth of experience as we advance CLARITY-IA’s design and development,” stated Brian Bell, First Wave’s Chief Executive Officer and Director.  “His expertise in engineering and product design, as well as his understanding of the nuances associated with medical device protocols, will help ensure that all aspects of CLARITY-IA’s development are held to the highest quality and standards.  In addition, Mr. Rutt’s experience working in both the US and international markets is especially relevant as First Wave looks to launch CLARITY-IA in Europe and then in the US.”

“I am looking forward to supporting First Wave and working with a device as elegant and efficient as CLARITY-IA,” Stated Ken Rutt.  “The design and complexity of CLARITY-IA is more advanced than most anesthesia products currently on the market, yet CLARITY-IA will sell at a fraction of the price of a traditional anesthesia machine.  Our collective mission is to develop a best-in-class product that supports the health and wellbeing of patients, alleviates the intense pressures put on healthcare providers, and ensures a low-cost solution to the healthcare system.  I am pleased to be part of the First Wave team.”

About First Wave Technologies
First Wave Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company developing products for the acute care and long-term care market. The focus is to disrupt areas of healthcare with innovative products which have not seen meaningful change historically for the improvement of patient care. Current products are centered around improving the ease and accuracy of pharmaceutical delivery.  For more information, please visit https://www.firstwavetechnologies.com/ and http://firstwaveproducts.com/.

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