(Marketwire) – Batavia, New York – Manufactured by First Wave Products Group, LLC, First Crush revolutionizes the med pass process making it faster and easier. First Crush provides a cleaner and more effective method for mixing tablet medications into food and tubes while producing over 200% more fine powder than the competition (Independent Analysis: Penn State Univ. 2009).


  • With First Crush, med passes are faster, more convenient with fewer tube clogs and spit-outs
  • Automatic pill crusher produces greater consistency
  • First Wave Products Group is offering a free First Crush trial kit to qualified users

“Med passes are labor intensive, so anything you can do to speed up that process is beneficial for clients, staff, and the organization as a whole,” said Michael Defrancesco, President of First Wave Products Group. “Our new and improved system does just that. As nurses and pharmacists know firsthand, the finer the powder, the easier it is to mix into food — and the less likely it will clog feeding tubes or be spit out by the client.”

Traditional manual drug crushers have one major flaw: the quality and fineness of the powder is directly affected by the physical strength and abilities of the user. Incomplete crushing leads to clogged feeding tubes; spit-outs; problems swallowing for the client; wasted, improper, or inconsistent dosage; residue to clean and other issues during med passes.

First Crush’s patented dual-action system automatically crushes and grinds the pill to the optimal fineness for better consistency and fewer dosing issues. Plus, since there’s no more hand-grinding, there are fewer potential work-related injuries to staff.

Complementing this innovative system is First Crush’s unique CompleteRX Cups. Made with an FDA-cleared anti-static coating to help reduce medication loss, CompleteRX Cups are placed in the unit so that the pills are crushed, mixed, and served all in the same container.

“Although the most important feature of First Crush is of course its fine powder capabilities, the CompleteRX Cups are an integral part of the overall system,” Defrancesco said. “They provide a cleaner, faster and so much more convenient way since the medication is handled just once instead of transferring it from one container to another.”

The First Crush pill crusher itself is a rechargeable, stand-alone unit that crushes up to 300 pills on one charge. It’s incredibly easy to use: place a CompleteRX serving cup, medication and the grinding cup into the unit, push a button, and mix the food into the powdered medication using the same cup. (A demonstration can be viewed at www.firstwaveproducts.com/training.html)

First Crush is the faster, easier, and safer way to turn pills into powder,” Defrancesco said.

About First Wave Products Group
First Wave Products Group, the commercialization arm of First Wave Technologies, brings assistive devices to market for the health care industry. Its first such device, First Crush, is a patented and revolutionary automatic pill crusher developed through a partnership with the University of Buffalo’s Center for Assistive Technology. First Crush produces over 200% more fine powder for safer, easier, and faster administration of tablet medications.

For more information, please visit: http://www.firstwaveproducts.com.

Nursing homes may obtain a complimentary test kit by contacting (877) 784-0269 or e-mail service@firstwavetechnologies.com.

To see a video demo: http://www.firstwaveproducts.com/training.html.

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