January 27, 2020 — Batavia, New York — First Wave Products Group, LLC, a subsidiary of First Wave Technologies, Inc. (“First Wave” and “company”), announces that the company has received an order for 100 First Crush® Automated Pill Crushers from Oregon State Hospital.  Oregon State Hospital provides patient-centered, psychiatric treatment for adults from throughout the state who need hospital-level care.

First Wave’s First Crush® Automated Pill Crusher is an automated technology that allows patients to receive their medication in a manner that is more accurately dosed, has a higher grade of refinement, and is easier to swallow.  These attributes support better patient compliance with prescribed medications which is critically important in the psychiatric and ultimately a healthier patient.  Medical professionals administering medication benefit from quicker medication preparation time, more efficient and accurate processing, and less physical labor. Accessory products including disposable cups and power-related accessories will also be offered.

The new partnership enables First Wave to expand its presence further into the Northwest market and addresses the medical needs of patients undergoing psychiatric care.  Furthermore, by offering a more streamlined solution to traditional methods of pill crushing, First Crush® enables healthcare providers to better tend to the needs of their patients.

“We are pleased to be working with Oregon State Hospital. In addition to entering into the psychiatric care community, we continue to expand our domestic reach by serving clients in the upper Northwest part of the US.  The psychiatric market is an important segment in the healthcare landscape.  We look forward to supporting the medical professionals serving this group as well as improving the quality of care patients will receive through our innovative products and technologies.” 

About First Wave Technologies
First Wave Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company developing products for the acute care and long-term care market. The focus is to disrupt areas of healthcare with innovative products which have not seen meaningful change historically for the improvement of patient care. Current products are centered around improving the ease and accuracy of pharmaceutical delivery.  For more information, please visit https://www.firstwavetechnologies.com/ and http://firstwaveproducts.com/.

About Oregon State Hospital
Oregon State Hospital (OSH) provides patient-centered, psychiatric treatment for adults from throughout the state who need hospital-level care. The hospital’s primary goal is to help people recover from their illness and return to the community. Services include psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as community outreach and peer support.

With two campuses, one in Salem and one in Junction City, Oregon State Hospital serves more than 1,500 people per year and employs more than 2,000 staff. Oregon State Hospital operates under the direction of the Oregon Health Authority. The superintendent is Dolly Matteucci. The Salem campus has the capacity to serve up to 554 people at a time, and the Junction Campus can serve up to 96.

Hospital-level care includes: 24-hour, on-site nursing, psychiatric and other credentialed professional staff, treatment planning, pharmacy, laboratory, food and nutritional services, vocational and educational services. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Organizations.  For more information, please visit https://www.oregon.gov/oha/OSH/Pages/index.aspx.


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