Partnership Expands International Footprint

July 1, 2019 — Batavia, New York — First Wave Products Group, LLC, a subsidiary of First Wave Technologies, Inc. (“First Wave” and “company”), announces that the company has engaged with its first client in Israel, Nes Medical Ltd. (“Nes Medical”).  Nes Medical is an Israeli company that imports and markets medical accessories, equipment, and supplies.  Additionally, Nes is active in the establishment of rehabilitation centers and supports a variety of medical field projects.

The new partnership enables First Wave to enter into the Israeli marketplace and address the medical needs of the country.  In recent years, Israel has seen strong growth in the acute care and elder-care markets, currently estimated at over 70,000 beds.

First Wave’s First Crush® Automated Pill Crusher is an automated technology that allows patients to receive their medication in a manner that is more accurately dosed, has a higher grade of refinement, and is easier to swallow.  These attributes support better patient compliance with prescribed medication and ultimately a healthier patient. Medical professionals administering medication benefit from quicker medication preparation time, more efficient and accurate processing, and less physical labor.

As a partner, Nes Medical will be offering the First Crush pill crusher to its established network of nursing homes and ancillary care facilities in Israel starting as of July, 2019.  Accessory products including disposable cups and power-related accessories will also be offered.  In addition to raising the profile of First Crush, ordering through the Nes Medical distribution channel streamlines the purchasing process for Israeli healthcare professionals. Customers will also benefit from the sales and technical support offered by Nes Medical.

With a rise in population growth (estimated at 1.1M over the last seven years), the Israeli market is a significant region for expanding First Wave’s customer base and will position First Wave for future growth while providing acutely ill patients with a superior level of care.

According to First Wave’s Chief Executive Officer and Director, Brian Bell, “Establishing a presence in Israel with Nes Medical as a partner is a key milestone for First Wave as we continue growing our international footprint.  We are pleased to have Nes Medical providing us a streamlined path of entry into the Israeli market and improving the quality of care patients will receive through our innovative products and technologies.”

About First Wave Technologies
First Wave Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company developing products for the acute care and long-term care market. The focus is to disrupt areas of healthcare with innovative products which have note seen meaningful change historically for the improvement of patient care. Current products are centered around improving the ease and accuracy of pharmaceutical delivery. For more information, please visit and

About Ness Medical Ltd.
Ness Medical Ltd. (“Ness Medical”) is an Israeli company that imports and markets medical accessories, medical equipment and supplies, medical supplies and nutritional supplements since 1996.  In addition, Ness Medical supplies spare parts for medical devices, repairs medical equipment, calibrates and corrects instruments.  Ness Medical Ltd. plans, manages and initiates projects in the medical field, such as the establishment of rehabilitation centers, hospital departments, a mobile hospital and various medical field projects. The Company’s policy is to promote new and quality products for the local, institutional and private markets.  Our clients include: Magen David Adom, hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, the Ministry of Defense, Clalit Health Services, pharmacies, clinics, veterinarians, doctors and private clients.  The company manages ISO 9001-2000 quality apparatus.  Ness Medical manages an online store where medical products can be found in various fields in the field of medicine.  The satisfaction of our customers, the quality of the products and the level of service are important for us, while taking into consideration the maintenance of competitive price levels for the company’s products.  For more information, please visit



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