October 26, 2021 – Batavia, New York – First Wave Technologies, Inc. (“First Wave,” “FWT” and “Company”), a medical device company developing products for the acute care and long-term care market, is pleased to provide an update on its diligent efforts to adhere to best practices related to environmental awareness in product manufacturing.

First Wave continues its long-term commitment to work with partners who employ sustainable, carbon-free manufacturing techniques using energy-efficient equipment, carbon-free manufacturing, onsite green energy generation, green utility power, and carbon credits. As such, First Wave supports the larger movement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG), eliminate carbon footprints, and lower overall environmental impact and the consumption of natural resources including water, land, air and non-renewable fossil fuels.

First Wave’s CEO, Brian Bell, stated, “We are pleased to carry on with our commitment to work with environmentally conscious, carbon-neutral manufacturers. Because the majority our products are designed for single use to ensure patient safety, we purposely identify manufacturing partners who place importance on maintaining sustainable, carbon-free manufacturing business practices.”

For the third quarter of 2021, First Wave is proud to report 1,909 lbs of carbon savings. Carbon savings was calculated by adding up the machine minutes total used to make the parts for First Wave products and multiplying them by the average amount of carbon per k-Wh presented by the EPA annually. First Wave will continue to report carbon savings on a quarter-by-quarter basis as part of the Company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

About First Wave Technologies, Inc.
First Wave Technologies, Inc. is a medical device company developing products for the acute care and long-term care market. The focus is to disrupt areas of healthcare with innovative products which have not seen meaningful change historically for the improvement of patient care. Current products are centered around improving the ease and accuracy of pharmaceutical delivery. For more information, please visit https://firstwavetechnologies.com.

Corporate Contact:
Brian Bell
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E-mail: info@firstwavetechnologies.com

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Jennifer K. Zimmons, Ph.D.
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Zimmons International Communications, Inc.
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