Idea Validation

•  >2,000 patients in literature across studies show benefits of inhaled gas

•  No change in scope of practice for physician as “sedation” is provided in the ICU, no surgical or general anesthesia

•  Germany has become the first country to recommend inhaled anesthetic as alternative to IV sedation. “This technology has the potential to be a game changer around the world” “First Wave’s novel delivery device stands to revolutionize the way we sedate ICU patients”

Product Validation

•  Various preliminary studies highlight product potential and continue to support this movement

R&D Manufacturing

•  Strategic Partnership with Canon Virginia, Inc. (“CVI”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A to manufacture the IsoVENT® ventilators (2x check we want to include this)


•  Step 1: Device Approval (510K/CE Mark)

“Delivery and maintenance of inhaled gases in hospital environment”

US Market (510K Est – early 2022

International Market (CE Mark) Est – 2022

Within current drug approvals

•  Step 2: Drug & Device Combo (PMA/505b2)

“Sedation of ventilated patients for up to 96 hours”
Market Est approval 2026

Expand approval of drugs for multi-day

1. Focus on Key Opinion Leaders

2. Razor-razorblade business model

3. Leverage existing network of 20 distributors in 52 countries

4. Use expedited 505b2 to expand drug label